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About Us

Jim Uhler first met Katy Reichert in March 2012 through his association with her father Phil Reichert, a counselor at CORR, a substance abuse non-profit in the California Gold Country. He was immediately impressed with Katy’s warmth and humor, and inspired by her strength and courage. Realizing his limited knowledge of FAS/FASD, and his suspicions that the general public is ignorant as well, the idea of a documentary was born. He was amazed at how limited most people’s awareness is. Mr. Uhler has had struggles with alcohol, and this project is a chance to “give back” and make a difference someone’s life. The project is still in the formative stages. Mr. Uhler has been doing the research necessary to move the project forward. He has contacted NOFAS in Wash. DC, about starting a local affiliate in the Northern California foothills, their reaction has been extremely positive. No other affiliated NOFAS organization is focused on education/outreach to high school students.

The National Tax Limitation Foundation (NTLF), the educational arm of the National Tax Limitation Committee (NTLC), is sponsoring this initiative because, aside from the untold human suffering that FASD/FAS inflicts on victims and families every year, the costs to taxpayers, in California and Nationally, are tremendous.